With three-dimensional decorative panels Wall Forms you can bring a flat and inconspicuous wall to life, turning it into a textured surface in a practical way and in no time.

wallforms paneles decorativos | ALCRISTAL C.A.

Wall Forms

The material is White Sytron, which allows a faster cleaning, they are waterproof, prevents scratches and allows you to paint them with the color you want.

Available Designs

  • Waves
  • Diamonds
  • Squares
  • Others and personalized upon request


  • Decorative panels come in a box of 12 units
  • Each box covers an area of ​​3m2
  • Each panel measures 500 x 500mm
  • 1mm thickness.
  • Weight ranges from 275g to 300g per panel.

Wall Forms Panels are fully recyclable, and resistant to heat, fatigue and water.

ALCRISTAL C.A. offers the best quality in products for facade and interior cladding: Aluminum Composite panels and Wall Forms decorative panels.