High Performance Automatic Doors

Alcristal’s automatic doors can be used for new projects and remodeling of public buildings, banks, schools, convention centers, sports arenas, hospitals, airports, and in hi-tech, industrial and shopping centers, among other things. High quality sensors ensure user safety and maximum efficiency.

puertas automáticas | ALCRISTAL C.A.


  • Climatization-loss reduction
  • Easy access for the disabled
  • Flexibility on the design
  • Security
  • Esthetic value of the building
  • Higher energy efficiency
  • Added comfort for building occupants
  • Good for pedestrian traffic

Its engineering materials and manufacturing processes make our automatic doors a world-class and reliable product as they are built to have a long life. ALCRISTAL imports automated door systems from the world’s largest factories in a wide variety of alternatives.

ALCRISTAL imports automated systems for doors from most important brands of the world, with a wide range of alternatives. 


Automatic Folding Doors (Bifolding)

The bifolding doors are ideal in places where there is no room for doors to slide and to achieve maximum space for transit.

Revolving Doors

The revolving doors are very useful for the traffic of people in both directions plus it helps on saving air conditioning.

Automatic Sliding Doors

Sliding-type sensor doors help people move in quickly and efficiently by saving air conditioning.

ALCRISTAL C.A. is committed to offer the best technology, quality and performance at the best price on the market.

Automatic doors in Ecuador are mainly present in Shopping Centers, Airports, Clinics and Hospitals. Many of them use the automatic doors distributed, assembled, installed and configured by ALCRISTAL C.A.