AlCRISTAL imports, assamble and installs materials for architectural projects in Ecuador. Some of the products we have are: window systems, automatization systems, automatic doors, decorative walls forms, aluminum composite panels, among others..

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Crystallizing your ideas

SINCE 1975

Our work can be seen in different architectural projects in Ecuador

Alcristal, has worked in hotels, airports, hospitals, and malls across Ecuador. At the same time, the household residency projects continue to grow. As they adapt our products to its architectural structure, especially with the European integrated window system we offer called EUROVEN.


Aluminum Composite Panels, Doors and Windows of European Profile… and much more!


Alcristal C.A. is one of the main source of aluminum composite panels, European window and door systems, polycarbonate, and automatic door providers in Ecuador.

In addition, we also offer other products and services such as:

  • Spider Glass System
  • Bathroom Doors
  • Exterior Furniture
  • Automatization of houses and buildings

Alcristal began its operations on April 4, 1975. Since then, it has become a leader in innovation of architectonic finishes.

Alcristal has always seeked to have products with the latest technology.

We have lead the construction finishes market using manufacturing and installation methods, offering the highest quality products to satisfy our clients as well as the national market demand in a timely and efficient manner.


To remain leaders in technological innovations while offering our clients with solid technical and quality solutions which we are known for.


We strive to continue being recognized as one of the best in our field based on the excellence of our work. This, in order for us to successfully compete in the national and international markets.

Crystallizing your Ideas since 1975

We have been pioneers of the modern architecture seen in Guayaquil and other cities of the country for over 40 years. In Ecuador, the most iconic projects were done with our products using Alcristal’s technology.

Our products can be seen in many airports, hospitals, malls, public transportation stations, buildings, hotels and houses. Among them, you can find automatic doors, aluminum composite panels, European aluminum profiles, and polycarbonate covers.

We also have a new line of products such as decorative panels and furniture for pool areas that are 100% handmade.

Obras de ALCRISTAL C.A. | Policarbonato, aluminio compuesto, puertas automáticas...

Take a look at some of the projects that were done using ALCRISTAL’s technology