This system consists of spider elements (handles) and glass anchors (rigid or ball studs) to build glass-free wall structures, without design limitations.


Sistema de Punto Fijo, SpiderGlass

Fixed Point System

By not forcing one glass to another, the architectural possibilities are expanded with tempered glass surfaces in large dimensions and a variety of shapes, such as domes, curves, spherical or free, applied to ceilings, walls or floors

Modern architecture demands a new conception of suspended glass that has become an element of expressiveness in architecture, giving importance to the glass facades, with greater transparency, light, lightness and less visual weight, avoiding the use of glass frames and aluminum profiles.

Alcristal’s SPIDER-GLASS System pursues that objective since the glass is suspended and builds itself creating an ambiguity space.


With Spider-Glass, a Fixed Point System solution, the handles can be anchored directly to building structures, or through steel or metal posts that transfer loads to building structures. They can also be anchored to vertical and horizontal steel turnbuckles, which form two catenary lines that are responsible for keeping the facade in place in the face of the actions of the wind load.

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