ALCRISTAL’s bathroom doors have a modern systems that meet our clients needs. They are mainly made up of stainless steel (304) accessories and tempered safety glass.

puertas de baño ALCRISTAL

Sistema de Punto Fijo

Al no transmitir esfuerzos de un cristal a otro, se amplían las posibilidades arquitectónicas con superficies de cristal templado en grandes dimensiones y variedad de formas, como inclinadas, domos, curvas, esféricas o libres, aplicadas a techos, paredes o pisos

Our bathroom doors are designed with the highest safety standards in Ecuador. They have top quality finishes and gives the client confidence when using our systems.


  • Sliding system
  • Folding system



Among the advantages these systems provide us are:

  • Ideal for optimizing spaces
  • Many years of useful life
  • Versatile
  • Comfortable

ALCRISTAL C.A. have safe, elegant and functional systems for the demands of our clients in Ecuador.