We offer the latest technology in aluminum composite panels with isolating thermoplastic that allows different design options focusing on fire resistance and user safety. The panels are also rigid and light which makes them a material easy to assemble and install..

Paneles de aluminio compuesto en Ecuador, Revestimiento de aluminio compuesto | ALCRISTAL C.A.

Aluminum Composite Panels Coating in Ecuador

These panels are ideal for walls, ceilings, advertisement signs, showrooms, etc.
The panels only require maintenance after a few years of use.

The aluminum composite panel coating is a product made up of two aluminum sheets separated by a thermoplastic that serves as thermal isolation, acoustic and fire insulation.

The exposed face has a highly resistant PVDF paint layer composed of PPG resin which provides resistance to UV rays, to cold and heat, to fire and corrosion.
The panel requires maintenance and cleaning only after several years of use.


ALCRISTAL C.A. offers the best quality in products for facade and interiors: Aluminum Composite panels and Wall Forms decorative panels.