Sistema Térmico de Techos y Cubiertas de Policarbonato
Sistema Térmico de Techos y Cubiertas de Policarbonato y Vidrio


The covers are structures that are located in the upper part of the constructions, whether they are residencies or buildings. They serve as external closings, and its main function is to have excellent thermal control and protection from climatic agents.

In other words, whenever there is a warm temperature, the loss of air conditioning should be avoided. When we have cold temperatures, we must maintain a temperate climate indoors.

Double glazing for efficient thermal control

To solve this problem, the use of double-glazing systems whose initials are DHG (Double Hermetic Glass) is recommended. The DHG prevents the passage of dust or dirt, humidity and water vapor along its entire perimeter.
For better efficiency and thermal control, we developed a thermal system for polycarbonate and glass chamber roofs with double UV treatment. This way we guarantee excellent internal and external temperature control.
In addition, noise is significantly reduced along with high energy savings. This guarantees the return on investment in a short period of time