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This innovative imported European Window system meets the most demanding requirements of functionality, durability and aesthetics due to the excellent finish of its elements, complete and guaranteed impermeability to air, water and other external elements, including noise control.


This aluminum Windows and Doors system, of European design, possesses the following technical characteristics:

  • Maximum air tightness (resistance up to 306 kg / sq. m), great water resistance, total evacuation system
  • Multiple opening options
  • Smooth movement upon opening and closing
  • Permits any Glass thickness between 6 – 24 mm
  • Complete Machine made manufacture

In order to always provide the best, Alcristal C.A. has become a certified installer of Extrugasa from Spain.

Thus, it guarantees not only a profile of excellent quality but also installation with highly trained personnel. ALCRISTAL ensures the functionality, durability, waterproofness and aesthetics of our EUROVEN window and door systems.

Mejor Producto Garantizado | Ventanería Europea EUROVEN

Extrugasa, a Spanish company, part of the Quintá Group, is the manufacturer of our European aluminum systems. It is a leading company in manufacturing, finishing and transformation of aluminum profiles with more than 5 decades of excellence. The synergy, between modern highly specialized production systems and the acquired know-how, achieves over the top quality products.


  • Euroven Windows and doors are designed according to the client’s request.
  • Thermally isolates the interior environment from the exterior.
  • Comfort and natural ventilation.
  • Resistant to high wind loads
  • Provides security.


EUROVEN offers the possibility of choosing between a wide range of colors and finishes in the tone of the profile and the glass, adapting to the designs you want.

  • White
  • Black
  • Silver
  • Texturated Wood
  • Wengue
  • Inox
  • Nogal
  • Bleu Sable 2600
  • Texturated Noir Black
  • Other available colors upon request


Our EUROVEN window and door system is preferred in residencies as well as in office buildings for its elegance, durability and performance.


Chose one of the available series for more information


European windows, high-end sliding lift with excellent features, the system allows large sheets.
In addition, the 24mm polyamide thermal bridge break (R.P.T.) provides excellent thermal behavior.


Alcristal presents its new EXAP-50 curtain wall system with European profiles, which allows to obtain various construction solutions.

It allows us to design «glass skin» facades where the openings are hidden and integrated, perceiving only a grid of horizontal and vertical lines that are practically invisible.

The curtain wall system makes it possible to create facades with external covers, in different flat and elliptical shapes to give greater play in the exterior decoration of buildings.

L86 Projectable Folding Series

Sliding, 45 degrees cut, with excellent benefits, has sheets and frames of different shapes and dimensions, as well as reinforced sheets. In addition, the breakage of the thermal isolation bridge provides excellent thermal behavior..

Folding Series Projectable RPT

Folding system of multiple and versatile benefits with different types of openings, profile designs and assemblies, being able to cover any gap with guarantees of tightness and operation.

ALCRISTAL C.A. meets any project requirements thanks to its wide range, with which we are practically talking about multipurpose carpentry.

Sistema Europeo de Puertas y Ventanas - Serie Perimetral
Sistema Europeo de Puertas y Ventanas - EUROVEN Serie Perimetral

This series is considered an in-line slider, sheets can be added according to the need of the project with sheets gathering in the corner from 85 to 225 degrees. In addition, the possibility of creating multiple combinations of slides with fixes in all their positions is achieved thanks to the fixed frames designed with the V-8000 characteristics.

Fixed Folding Projectable

This series of European windows is the most complete in its class, being able to adapt all kinds of fittings called «European Canal», thus achieving one or two-sheet windows, with swing tilt, projectors, even combinations of all kinds; joining modules, forming corners, etc.

EUROVEN | Serie Plegable

An excellent door with European aluminum profiles, multiple sheets that fold on one side with different opening combinations without limitations on the number of sheets. It is ideal for opening with large gaps.

The sealing possibilities lie in a combination of frames, being able to adopt an opening without a lower trip. Its versatility allows central and lateral openings.

Pérgolas climáticas EUROVEN

The bioclimatic pergola is a waterproof structure with motorized adjustable aluminum slats that, through a free movement, naturally regulate the room temperature, as well as offering protection from solar radiation, rain, wind or other inclement weather.

An ideal structure that responds to the latest architectural trends and that undoubtedly becomes the perfect pergola for large outdoor spaces for home and businesses.


  • The orientation of the slats can be programmed through a remote control or device (Smartphone or Tablet)
  • The design of the roof slats allows rainwater to be collected so that it can be carried through a canalization system that enables drainage through the lateral pillars.
  • Protects from solar radiation.
  • Its motorized adjustable blades are regulated in such a way that it allows the passage of air.