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Alcristal’s automatic doors can be used for projects on and remodeling of public buildings, banks, schools, convention centers, sports arenas, hospitals, airports, and in hi-tech, industrial and shopping centers, among other things.

High quality sensors ensure user safety and maximum efficiency.


  • Sliding, folding, telescopic, revolving, etc.
  • Aluminum profile or single glass frames
  • Standard type: economic or luxury



  • Climatization-loss reduction
  • Accessibility for the disabled
  • Flexibiliy of design
  • Security
  • Esthetic value of the building
  • Higher energy efficiency
  • Added comfort for building occupants
  • Good for foot traffic

Horton is one of the industry’s most important companies worldwide.

Alcristal imports from them automated systems for doors with a wide variety of choices and total guarantee of operation and post-sale services. The engineering, materials and manufacturing of Horton Automatics doors create a world-class, dependable and long-lasting product.

Alcristal offers an all-in-one system that includes the door, operator and sensor.

Resistant Structure: The doors can be built to sustain winds of up to 165 MPH because of their tubular structure.

Emergency-Ready: Patented security system in case of emergency

VIEW-SENSING SYSTEM: A sensor system based on microwaves which activate to open or close doors if it detects the presence of a person. This system also comes with an option for persons with disability.

For security an infrared sensor activates a microprocessor that keeps the doors open when there is a large amount of traffic in the security zone.

EFFICIENT CONSUMPTION OF ENERGY: A completely sealed door guarantees energy savings in climatic changes.

APPROVED CODES: Alcristal’s doors are built according to the requirements of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) code for pedestrians and the handicapped (ANSI A156.10). Other codes include: UL, CSA, BOCA and ICBO.

APPROVED TESTS: Emergency swing-UL and National Building Code wind load tested by American Test Laboratory