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The following text is a transcript of an article in Vistazo Magazine published on March 12, 2015

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Alcristal building your projects and crystallizing your dreams

Alcristal is an Ecuadorian company founded by the architect Douglas Durán Sigüenza. It began its operations in April 1975.

One of the first clients was the Ecuadorian Housing Bank, which built the housing developments in the south of the city and needed a company that was capable of producing enough windows for the homes they were building. ALCRISTAL took the challenge on time, a characteristic that keeps it up every time it accepts a job.

Since its beginnings ALCRISTAL has been a pioneer in the development of solutions for glazing and finishing area of ​​architectural works; the techniques used have always been the most updated and has had the support and advice of important international companies that back up ALCRISTAL’s career.


Laminated Security Crystals: ALCRISTAL was the first company to introduce this innovative material for the glazing of residencies, buildings and shopping centers with great success, given its special characteristics and features, which are many; above all, as its name implies: SECURITY.

Glazed with structural silicone: over time, Alcristal was one of the first companies to incorporate this installation technique, managing to glaze integral facades with hidden support profiles.

Camera Glass: Looking for efficiency, energy saving and noise control, comfortable environments have been achieved, in ALCRISTAL works with camera glass have been installed in both residencies and buildings, without going over cost budgets and rather becoming an investment because, over time, its value is amortized by the energy not consumed.

One of the works that ALCRISTAL installed with this system is the old Banco del Progreso (today Ministerio del Litoral) with more than 6000 m2, this work constituting as the most efficient stained glass windows control against the effects of solar radiation.

Fixed point glazing: By using stainless steel handles with special labeled bolts, which absorb the expansion and movement of the windows, clean module facades anchored to the 4 ends are achieved. Buildings such as the IMAX in Guayaquil, the Almacenes Juan Eljuri headquarters in Quito are examples of what can be achieved with these accessories.

Tensed glazed with cables: This is another of the innovations that Alcristal is making for glazing, using handles with high resistance steel cables.


ALCRISTAL has been characterized by introducing new and high quality products in the architectural area. Within these it offers:

American Automatic Doors: From one of the most reputable companies in the world, with a guaranteed 24/7 operation ideal for congested areas. They have been installed in several shopping centers in the country, José Joaquín de Olmedo airport, clinics and hospitals, as well as on the first branch of the Metrovía.

Aluminum Composite Coating with PVDF finish, ideal for outdoor totally guaranteed against the effects of solar radiation.

Polycarbonate Covers ALCRISTAL is the only company that introduced and continues selling Athermic Polycarbonate, ideal for roofing to counteract the high temperatures caused by solar incidence.

Integrated European Windows System “EUROVEN”: All with European profiles and imported accessories, ideal to use in buildings, residencies, commercial fronts, facades and roofs. It meets the most demanding requirements of functionality, durability and aesthetics due to the excellent finish of its elements, complete and guaranteed impermeability to air, water, and other external elements, including noise control.


The new Profiles with thermal bridge break (R.P.T.)

The objective of the thermal bridge break is the physical separation of the external face of the profile from the internal face of the same by means of an insulating material called Polyamide, so that there is no thermal conduction between the exterior and the interior of the window and that translates into energy saving and comfortable interior air conditioning. Another advantage offered by this system is the possibility of having two-color profiles. That is, having a type of finish on the inside, and another on the outside.


Functionality and opening for large cloths

High-end lifting slide with excellent performance thanks to the dimensions of the sheets and wide rolling rails, thus allowing carpentry of dimensions larger than traditional ones.

In addition, the R.P.T. 24mm polyamide provides excellent thermal behavior. The objective of this design is to achieve a continuity between the favorite interior space of our home and a pleasant exterior. Until recently, this connection was only visual with large fixed panels and / or a possible small opening, or a multitude of small sliding sheets that divided our vision, so with the appearance of the Elevable, there is no longer that limitation, we can have a total vision. Both open and closed with very light manual operation or automatic.

This is a synthesis of ALCRISTAL C.A.’s carreer during its 40 years of constant work, adhering to honest standards of behavior in business and intellectual